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 Oct. 3rd

 America’s Best Lobster Rolls

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To compete with the stunning views of Buzzards Bay and an Audubon wildlife sanctuary, this waterfront restaurant keeps its rolls simple.  They pack five ounces of naked meat into a toasted hot dog bun, then offer everything else on the side: a choice of mayo or melted  butter for the lobster, plus hand-cut  fries or or house-made coleslaw.

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Dine Out: Here’s to 40 more years of the Bayside

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The Bayside Restaurant’s sunny yellow exterior, set off by blue-and-white striped awnings, just has to lift your spirits. Especially when an August day is rainy, gloomy and 65 degrees.

When we pulled into the shell-paved parking lot around 4 p.m. Sunday, a few hardy souls were defying the weather, sitting under the tent near the outdoor bar. We headed directly inside, where we had our choice of tables — generally not the case in the hectic summer season. We took a table with a view across Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary and Buzzards Bay, and even obscured by showers and fog, it drew the eye.

The Bayside this summer is celebrating 40 years of serving up seafood and more to generations of customers.

We needed a couple of minutes to decide on cocktails, so our server Erica brought us ice water — without even being asked! It seemed so shocking because this nicety is rarely observed these days.

Eventually, my husband Loring decided to order a rum punch ($8), which consisted of orange and pineapple juices, Malibu and Black Sea rums, and a splash of grenadine, served in sunset layers in a Mason jar mug. An orange and cherry garnish gave the drink a little tiki bar flair. It went down very easy, he said.

By comparison, my choice looked sedate: a moderate pour of Westport Rivers rose of pinot noir ($7), light, crisp and perfect for summer.

We both started our meal with soup: a cup of corn and chicken chowder with poblano sour cream for me ($4.29) and a bowl of quahog chowder ($5.99) for him. Mine was on the tepid side, maybe due to the addition of cold sour cream. Erica offered to heat it up, but I declined as I was halfway through. Anyway, the soup was tasty, with crisp tortilla strips contrasting with the tender potatoes and chicken pieces.

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