Family owned and operated

Our family's recipes have been handed down for generations. The Bayside proudly sources our produce locally. Supporting our local farms, farmers and fishermen. Our fresh seafood comes straight off the boats in New Bedford and the Boston waterfront. Our fresh vegetables from local farmers. This allows us to provide our customers with a variety of fresh dishes that we love and are proud to serve. The Bayside Restaurant is located in the south end of Westport, MA - where you can enjoy our spectacular view across the Massachusetts Audubon's Allen's Pond Sanctuary, Buzzard's Bay and the Elizabeth Islands. Our family and amazing staff are here to provide you with a delicious and pleasurable dining experience. We continue to stay true to the vision set forth by Nance & Bob Carroll when they both, along with their parents, founded The Bayside Restaurant decades ago. The perfect location, delicious food and a friendly atmosphere. Our restaurant has always been a place of family. Four generations have touched The Bayside. Bob and Nance's children - Bobby, Matt, Alicia and Cat all grew up with The Bayside as a part of their family's fabric. Memories of cooking with Grandma and Grandpa Barton. Baking fresh pies with Grandma Lewis and Aunt May influenced Cat, the delicious foods and desserts that she continues to introduce and produce to this day at The Bayside. The Carroll's created a place that welcome locals and visitors alike. A place to go and share a story or two while enjoying food with a great view. Where you feel like family - "A place where you don't just come to eat". We proudly still employ members of our staff that have been a part of bayside since the day we opened our doors. Come visit us at the bayside restaurant where you'll find Alicia welcoming guests and Cat satisfying their appetites. Our family and amazing staff are here to provide you with a great dining experience.

How It All Began

The Bayside Restaurant was established in 1974 by Bob and Nance Carroll. Previously a pizza and ice cream "beach shack". Now The Bayside is home to great food, people and atmosphere. Located at 1253 Horseneck Rd in Westport, Ma. How it all began. Bob grew up working in his family's banquet hall in South Providence. He joined the Army and went on to become a Washington Star reporter. He also spent some time working for Klitsner Industry. Nance, worked with unwed mothers. Placing children with families to be adopted. Together, they wanted to open a restaurant where people could go and get a great meal and conversation. As a family they started The Bayside Restaurant. In the beginning days, owners, Nance & Bob introduced a menu that offered mostly diner food. Roast beef grinders, meatloaf and fried foods filled the menu. Nance included homemade pies and desserts made from fresh blueberries and strawberries hand picked by Grandma Lewis and Aunt May locally. In time Nance began to evolve their menu options by introducing Portuguese and Mediterranean foods and flavors.


"We first came to Bayside in 1991 for our first of many wonderful meals. We always love the views and great, friendly service. Years ago we bought a house on 1st st & can now walk to the Bayside." "We ordered a turkey club, Alicia delivered Cajun Mussels. It's the Rolling Stones Restaurant- "You can't always get what you want"...but you get what you need (and love!)" "The Bayside is and always will be our favorite summer restaurant. Restaurants come and go but will never compare to the amazing food and friendship of the entire Carroll clan!" "Bayside, Great food and wonderful service. Even better, no one recognized me or at least didn't bother me" -Harrison Ford